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  1. agent-Achika 9wk 5d ago

    Gd Morning Somnus!
    -Wow I can't believe you
    bought yourself
    a new phone.
    How did that happen?
    I want deets lol........
    -Congrats on being a wife.
    Did U2 elope & have
    a luxurious honeymoon?
    -Is Lily being a spoiled brat?
    Or having a midlife crisis?
    -Yep I plan on buying
    pure butters & oils
    for my hair that's it.
    -I'm so over hair treatments.
    Nuthin is coming near
    my sensitive ass scalp.
    -In the future I plan to buy:
    a vitamix blender,
    a prep food processor,
    raw nut Milk machine.
    I also plan on buying
    a super food powder
    to ingest daily.
    But first things first
    detoxing is a must.
    I'm excited about
    the nut Milk bcuz
    it will be fresh &
    not contaminated
    w/poisonous pesticides.
    Plus I can doctor them
    up any way I like.
    My diet will be 50 %
    raw & 50 % cooked
    as in steamed foods.
    -I don't expect to lose
    a ton of weight,
    with these huge changes;
    just stay lean & have more
    energy throughout
    the week.
    -I also plan on learning
    Shaolin Wushu this year.
    I need to learn how to
    defend myself.
    -Here is the MSM supplement
    I plan on buying soon.
    Link below:

    ( )

    -& here is the superfood I plan on buying soon:

    ( )

  2. agent-Achika 12wk 3d ago

    GM Somus!
    -Long time no talk.
    My tablet is dying as I type
    this reply to you ugh.
    It just deleted my entire
    GBP I was getting ready to submit
    on your page a few
    seconds ago, honestly
    I swear why me?
    -I now work as an
    office assistant yay.
    -I am planning on detoxing
    my body of 20+ yrs of built up:
    toxins, fungi, & parasites yuck.
    Reason is bcuz I'm tired of
    my stomach problems &
    I need to relieve myself
    of all this extra waste.
    My next step is becomn
    a cooking Vegan.
    Yep I said it.
    A fudging Vegan lol.
    I'm gonna order several
    recipe books online
    & everything.
    -I no longer will be
    investing in daily
    multivitamins for women.
    I have been a fan of those
    for quite some time now.
    But after reading an expose'
    article on the multivitamin
    swindle industry, I'd been
    looking elsewhere.
    Well now I plan on taking
    a super food powder daily
    in my self-made nutritious
    Almond Milk drinks.
    It has a ton of vitamins
    & minerals.
    I still will be taking
    vitamin D3, protein,
    Iron, Calcium,
    supplements though;
    but thats another reason
    I need to detox my body.
    I also have (IBS) & it
    ain't nuthin nice.
    -As for hair woes.
    I now plan on buying
    only essential oils &
    pure hair butters.
    Many man-made products
    for curly hair, don't work
    with my scalp these days.
    So instead of continuously
    making my scalp suffer &
    waste money, I've decided
    to do a more simple regimen.
    I plan on using a moisturizing
    Salon brand shampoo tht
    doesn't have any of the 6
    carcinogenic chemicals
    known to cause cancer;
    & use butters for hair.
    I believe with the major
    change in my diet &
    all of the healthy
    I'll be ingesting daily
    will be enough
    to see a turn around
    in my hair's overall state.
    -Btw if you wanna
    delete all of my
    now old ass PM msgs
    U can, I don't mind.
    It won't make sense
    to read them now imo.
    -I also plan on buying
    a legit Chinese brand phone.
    Now I actly have the ability
    to save up money & do it.
    & since my pitiful
    SSG S2 is dying
    It's long over due
    for an upgrade.
    -Do you have the
    same phone?
    Ever consider
    getting a Blackberry
    Privy phone?
    -How's ya hair?
    -How's darling Lily?
    How's ya boyfriend?
    Waiting to hear fm you..............

  3. agent-Achika 17wk 0d ago


  4. agent-Achika 26wk 6d ago

    Gd aftn Somnus!
    Looking forward to hearing
    from you again soon buddy.

  5. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator 27wk 0d ago

    Quote by Somnus CHARACTERS:
    Nyx Ulric (Final Fantasy XV, Males, Short Hair)

    Technically, this character is actually part of the Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive movie, for which I don't believe there's a category, but I'm not sure how logical it would be to separate it from the Final Fantasy XV game since some characters will crossover and the movie is an immediate precursor to the game. o3o

    Yep, it's better to leave him under FFXV, makes more sense that way. Done~

  6. agent-Achika 34wk 1d ago

    Gd morning Somnus!
    -How's life with U?
    -How's Lily?
    -How's ya bae on base?
    -I'm currently focusing on going
    back to school this year &
    finishing up my 10 leftover classes.
    It'll be at least one more year
    & 6 months before I can transfer
    to a Cal State University.
    I also am looking for a job bcuz I
    need to pay for them & no I won't
    be getting financial aid.
    -As for my hair woes; I now
    will only be buying an organic
    USDA certificated green superfood
    smoothie powder & liquid biotin
    in a glass bottle w/a dropper.
    I believe both along with macaroot
    benefits will be more than enough
    to aid my hair's health internally.
    I also plan on only buying organic
    hair products for my curly hair.
    I'll post a link on another post altogether.
    I plan on buying 3 USDA certified
    essential oils for my dry tresses & scalp.
    They are as follows:
    1. Brahmi Oil
    2. Carrot Oil
    3. Olive Oil
    All three nourish dry hair
    & severely dry scalps yay.
    In addition to those oils I
    plan on buying organic hair
    products geared toward my
    tresses texture & needs.
    I'll post a link for you to view
    in another post after this one.
    The same goes for the green powder.
    -I only wanna see 4 films this year
    so far & they will all be streamed lmao.
    I've already seen the film (Regression).
    It was really good imo.
    The films are:
    The Conjuring 2
    Secret Life of Pets
    Suicide Squad &
    The Jungle book live-action.
    BTW (bae) = (boyfriend).
    -Hope to hear fm you soon
    my super busy friend.

  7. agent-Achika 43wk 2d ago

    Merry Xmas Somnus!
    -Spend the holiday
    with your boyfriend?
    -Or did ya see your
    sister & parents
    for Xmas today?
    -Do any cooking
    for Xmas dinner?
    -Buy Lily any Xmas
    gifts & yummy
    treats tht only
    a dog would ♥?
    -Receive a ton of
    gifts on Xmas?

  8. Makeshift 43wk 3d ago

    Quote by Somnus

    Quote by Makeshift We miss you bear-girl

    Lmao, "we"?

    I bet you don't recall our previous chat about that awesome bear avatar ha?

    yeah "we" your fans LOL

  9. agent-Achika 44wk 1d ago

    GM Somnus!
    -Are ya ready for
    Xmas next week?
    -Finished gift shopping
    for family members yet?
    -Buying anything for Lily?
    -Seen ya traffic yet? lol
    I know ya crazy busy
    at work & have very lil
    free time these days.
    No worries my friend.
    If I've asked you a question
    that had been recently
    answered then I deeply
    apologize bcuz its been
    so long that I don't even
    remember youre answer lol.
    -Do you know why CN
    aka CartooNetwork's
    program for kiddies
    (TOONAMI) is now
    apart of (AdultSwim)?
    I find that very odd due
    to adultswim supposedly
    being for older teens.
    I found out by watching
    a newest promo to the
    Toonami lineup ystdy.
    Its a M for Mature rated
    series that kids should
    def NOT be watching.
    Its not the series:
    (Kill La Kill) which actly
    looks funny imho.
    Its another series,
    that I planned on
    reading even before
    it was dubbed & put
    on AdultSwim or
    Toonami, which ever
    it gos by these days.
    I know the manga is
    gonna be amaze balls
    bcuz I actly liked the
    anime promo.
    To be fair to manga
    plot hooked me
    as soon as I read it.
    But I MUST read the
    manga for the all of
    the juicy deets in
    the series itself.
    Even DBZ Kai seems
    a lil much for kiddies.
    I wish there was an
    OVA to DBZ it would
    be awesome hehehehe.

  10. agent-Achika 47wk 3d ago
    -To U & ya darling Lily,
    as well as Ur boyfriend
    who is away training.
    -Cook any food?
    -Did Lily behave today?
    -Did U work today?
    I know several ppl
    who chose to bcuz
    they wanted to get
    overtime & weren't
    crazy abt turkey day
    to begin with or at least
    it seems that way to me.
    -U can reply once thanxgivin
    4 U is officially over lol.

  11. agent-Achika 49wk 3d ago


  12. agent-Achika 50wk 5d ago