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  1. agent-Achika 1wk 2d ago

    My finals ended & I passed
    both of classes for Spring semester.
    -Awww poor lily lol.
    Which breed pup did you get?
    Is it a Tamaskan breed?
    -I'll def look for that clip of
    Caesar 911, now that the semester has ended.
    -Seen any new films lately?
    -How's work going?
    -I applied for an internship but
    I won't know if I get in
    until either next month or August.
    I hate waiting for sumthin important.
    -However I am volunteering
    more at Deaf events these days.
    I love it & all the interaction
    I'm getting with Deaf ppl.
    -Do you plan to apply to any
    internships or vaca schools
    pertaining to your field?
    I'm not sure if I asked you
    this already since its
    been so long since we last spoke.
    -How's the weather in Washington?
    -How is your family doing?
    I ask bcuz you never
    mention them anymore.

  2. agent-Achika 9wk 3d ago

    Gd Aftn Somnus!
    -Eeewww I would hate cleaning up
    after foreigners daily.
    Esp if they are douche bags.
    -Awww poor Lily.
    I want to give her a big hug.
    I saw an episode of "Ceasar 911"
    on AnimalPlanet yesterday.
    A young guy who adopted his late
    aunt's 12 yr old mixed breed dog,
    was having anxiety issues just like Lily.
    His dog too got anxious whenever
    he left the room or car.
    I forget to mention, he drove the dog everywhere
    with him on a daily basis.
    He didn't want her to die fron PTSD lol,
    so he called Ceasar for help.
    Ceasar taught him techniques to
    calm her down & make her be more
    patient whenever he left her sight.
    If I find the clip, I'll send it your way.
    Lily may also need playmate
    to help keep her distracted.
    Sometimes an older dog gets
    lonely & needs a young pup
    to keep them feeling youthful again :)
    -I agree, there is no need to waste
    $ when you don't need to do so.
    I however am in dire need of a
    new high quality tablet & def
    a new phone bcuz I'm missing important
    news in regards to my future career.
    For ex, festivals, plays, coffee nights,
    Pizza nights etc ugh.
    Those events involve Deaf ppl, &
    I need all the interaction as I can get.
    But if I keep missing announcements
    then I can't attend anything nor
    can I fraternize w/anyone Deaf.
    I'm def lookin on Groupon as we speak.
    -Heard of the (Operation Gotham Shield)
    happening in NYC & NJ?
    I'll send you a link to the
    short 3 min video.
    Even if you dont agree with all
    the commentary that is mentioned
    in the video, it does give you
    a lot to think about regarding
    this country's methods & politics.

  3. agent-Achika 9wk 5d ago

    Gd Aftn Somnus!
    -Yeah I've heard too many damn
    horror stories regarding tourists
    in Mexico that makes me NOT
    want to visit there unless its
    absolutely mandatory for my job.
    -How are you paying for
    a Verizon phone if your
    out of a job?
    -What is Lily gonna do
    once you begin the progam
    that your trying to get into?
    -Glad everything worked out
    for Ur 2-in-1 HP Spectre.
    If a newer version were to
    come out would you buy it?
    I'm currently searching for
    a new tablet since my current
    tablet died ugh. My mom
    wanted to be cheap & bought
    us tablets from QVC "rolls eyes".
    Now I'm gonna look on
    the website
    for a high quality off brand tablet.
    Any suggestions?
    -Do you plan on buying
    any new younger dogs
    in the future?

  4. agent-Achika 14wk 0d ago

    Good Afternoon Somnus!
    Long time no talk my friend :)
    -I've been crazy busy with school these days.
    If everything gos according to plan, I
    have one more year & a semester before I transfer
    to a Cal State & pursue my B.A degree.
    -Feel free to read my recent previous
    msgs & then answer all of the questions
    together in one long post, to make things easier for yourself.
    I say that because, I can't remember for sure but I believe
    that I recently posted at least 2X before sending this GBP.
    So it would be a good idea to look & check
    on your page before answering this GBP.
    -How have you been since we last spoke?
    -Got any big plans for Spring Break?
    -Are you still working during spring break?
    -How is your darling Lily doing?
    -Seen any new films lately?
    -Got any past or recent Spring Break stories to share?
    I saw this festive Ad & it made me laugh.
    Sorry the date is old lmao.

  5. agent-Achika 14wk 0d ago

    Sorry there was a typo error mistake.

  6. agent-Achika 26wk 4d ago Somnus!
    Got any big plans for today?
    -Plan on cooking a large meal for your ya hubby?
    -Traveling to a friends home for Xmas instead?
    -Buy Lily any treats for the holidays?
    -Did you get work off today?
    -Receive any gifts from people?

  7. agent-Achika 31wk 2d ago

    Gd Morning Somnus!
    -Its currently 8:55am.
    I'm using my college's library to check my msgs & do some research.
    -Wow your Droid Mini was the cheapest phone available?
    If it continues to give you problems what is ya next option?
    Nope, they don't make things the way they used to bcuz that
    means ppl won't go out & waste tons of money buying every
    new fu*****g phone that comes out every year.
    I think that's a huge waste, I understand the need for
    a multifunctional phone but its getting ridiculous
    how many phones come out every year with minor upgrades ugh.
    I feel the same about laptops.
    A new laptop every year is NOT necessary.
    -I feel there is such a thing as TOO BIG!
    I don't need a 6.1 inch display phablet.
    5.5-5.7 inch display screen is big enough for me.
    And the only reason I'm getting a 5.5-5.7 inch myself
    is bcuz of my bad vision. I don't feel like straining my eyes,
    to read small ass letters & numbers on the web & in SMS msgs.
    -Did you get a VPN service for your new HP Spectre or Droid Mini yet?
    That's one of the things I plan on immediately doing
    once I purchase my new phone in 2017.
    -Wow those HP Sepctre are really fancy hehehehe.
    Why did you decide to purchase that brand in particular?
    -I'm gonna buy some vegan recipe books soon.
    I'm very excited & giddy.
    -Ever heard of a shampoo massage brush?
    Its for your scalp. I plan on buying one very soon.
    -What stereotypes came to fruition in Mexico during your vacation?
    I hate to say it but I laughed out loud while reading that in your response.
    -After your last month at work is up what are you
    planning on doing with your life next?
    -How is the weather in Washington?
    Its finally starting to rain here where I am.
    It took forever due to this damn desert ugh.

  8. agent-Achika 32wk 2d ago

    Good Afternoon Somnus!
    Welcome back to the digital world.
    -No need to apologize buddy.
    I know your schedule is very full.
    But thanx anyways for saying so.
    -What made you settle on a Droid mini phone?
    Sucks that the mic has already died considering U
    just bought it in January/February of this very year.
    -Which brand did you purchase for your new 2-in-1 laptop?
    -Awww poor Lily. She just misses you that's all.
    She can't verbally tell you, so she's showing it in other ways lol.
    -Glad to read your hubby will be back this December.
    Hopefully he will be back in your arms before Xmas & New Yrs.
    -Are U planning a vacation? Or a huge extended family gathering?
    I.E: eating with cousins, siblings, aunts & uncles, god-parents etc.
    -Yes becomn healthy is def a plan of mine.
    I still need to detox for sure.
    -Seen any new films since we last spoke?
    -I've been krazy busy with homework & studying.
    Not to mention I'm volunteering now at Deaf events.
    Gotta keep these hands up much as possible.
    -I have NOT had any time to read any mangas sadly.
    -I am gonna wait until a newer version of a Chinese
    brand phone that I want comes out in 2017.
    Too many safety issues are arising with these new damn
    overrated: Iphone6 & Samsung Galaxy S7.
    And probably will happen again with the Iphone 8
    & SSG S8 & SSG S8 Edge ugh.
    I am NOT wasting my money on that future garbage.
    I feel like all of these top brands are overly hyped and
    are not worth burning a hole in ppls wallets.
    2 popular Asian brands that are gaining popularity
    on USA shores are: Huawei & Xiaomi.
    They're just alright imo.
    Nuthin to write home about *rolls eyes*.
    I won't be buying either brand.
    -I have another friend who reminds me of you a lot.
    She's been using an IPhone 4 for over 6 yrs now.
    She refuses to upgrade despite her phone's
    inability to add any additional apps she needs to use
    on a daily basis. Until it permanently dies shes using it.
    Plus she hates huge phablet sized phones.
    I recently told her about a few Korean brand phones
    to look into,that aren't crazy expensive.
    She likes the convenience of having
    a small portable device,that she can fit inside her pocket.
    -Hows work been goin?
    Have any new co-workers or new bosses?
    Still working at the same location?

  9. agent-Achika 33wk 0d ago

    Hey Somnus!
    Hows life been going?

  10. agent-Achika 45wk 2d ago

    Gd Morning Somnus!
    -Wow I can't believe you
    bought yourself
    a new phone.
    How did that happen?
    I want deets lol........
    -Congrats on being a wife.
    Did U2 elope & have
    a luxurious honeymoon?
    -Is Lily being a spoiled brat?
    Or having a midlife crisis?
    -Yep I plan on buying
    pure butters & oils
    for my hair that's it.
    -I'm so over hair treatments.
    Nuthin is coming near
    my sensitive ass scalp.
    -In the future I plan to buy:
    a vitamix blender,
    a prep food processor,
    raw nut Milk machine.
    I also plan on buying
    a super food powder
    to ingest daily.
    But first things first
    detoxing is a must.
    I'm excited about
    the nut Milk bcuz
    it will be fresh &
    not contaminated
    w/poisonous pesticides.
    Plus I can doctor them
    up any way I like.
    My diet will be 50 %
    raw & 50 % cooked
    as in steamed foods.
    -I don't expect to lose
    a ton of weight,
    with these huge changes;
    just stay lean & have more
    energy throughout
    the week.
    -I also plan on learning
    Shaolin Wushu this year.
    I need to learn how to
    defend myself.
    -Here is the MSM supplement
    I plan on buying soon.
    Link below:

    ( )

    -& here is the superfood I plan on buying soon:

    ( )

  11. agent-Achika 48wk 0d ago

    GM Somus!
    -Long time no talk.
    My tablet is dying as I type
    this reply to you ugh.
    It just deleted my entire
    GBP I was getting ready to submit
    on your page a few
    seconds ago, honestly
    I swear why me?
    -I now work as an
    office assistant yay.
    -I am planning on detoxing
    my body of 20+ yrs of built up:
    toxins, fungi, & parasites yuck.
    Reason is bcuz I'm tired of
    my stomach problems &
    I need to relieve myself
    of all this extra waste.
    My next step is becomn
    a cooking Vegan.
    Yep I said it.
    A fudging Vegan lol.
    I'm gonna order several
    recipe books online
    & everything.
    -I no longer will be
    investing in daily
    multivitamins for women.
    I have been a fan of those
    for quite some time now.
    But after reading an expose'
    article on the multivitamin
    swindle industry, I'd been
    looking elsewhere.
    Well now I plan on taking
    a super food powder daily
    in my self-made nutritious
    Almond Milk drinks.
    It has a ton of vitamins
    & minerals.
    I still will be taking
    vitamin D3, protein,
    Iron, Calcium,
    supplements though;
    but thats another reason
    I need to detox my body.
    I also have (IBS) & it
    ain't nuthin nice.
    -As for hair woes.
    I now plan on buying
    only essential oils &
    pure hair butters.
    Many man-made products
    for curly hair, don't work
    with my scalp these days.
    So instead of continuously
    making my scalp suffer &
    waste money, I've decided
    to do a more simple regimen.
    I plan on using a moisturizing
    Salon brand shampoo tht
    doesn't have any of the 6
    carcinogenic chemicals
    known to cause cancer;
    & use butters for hair.
    I believe with the major
    change in my diet &
    all of the healthy
    I'll be ingesting daily
    will be enough
    to see a turn around
    in my hair's overall state.
    -Btw if you wanna
    delete all of my
    now old ass PM msgs
    U can, I don't mind.
    It won't make sense
    to read them now imo.
    -I also plan on buying
    a legit Chinese brand phone.
    Now I actly have the ability
    to save up money & do it.
    & since my pitiful
    SSG S2 is dying
    It's long over due
    for an upgrade.
    -Do you have the
    same phone?
    Ever consider
    getting a Blackberry
    Privy phone?
    -How's ya hair?
    -How's darling Lily?
    How's ya boyfriend?
    Waiting to hear fm you..............

  12. agent-Achika Jun 26, 2016


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