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  1. agent-Achika 1wk 2d ago

    Thank you Somnus!
    -Yes it was a ton of work &
    now more will need to be
    done this coming Spring semester.
    I'm hoping to pass all my
    classes & focus on where
    I want to transfer to in the Fall.
    Hmmm so many decisions to consider.
    -Ugh 3 more long years ahead.
    Your 2 years will go by faster then U know it.
    -why would fafsfa be a bad move for U again?
    I thought the purpose of fafsfa WAS
    to give you money?
    I'm gonna start actually looking for
    scholarships this month finally.
    Hoping to get as many as I can
    from outside sources & whichever
    campus I attend, I'm hoping on
    avoiding student loans altogether.
    One can only dream right?
    -I really wanna tone up more
    not necessarily lose a ton of weight.
    -Awwww poor dogs, no treats for them.
    Which outfits did they wear?
    Got any sharable photos?
    -Yes getting low grade phones
    is a pain I can't wait for it to end.
    I'm sick of all of these shitty
    ass phones dieing on me,
    I now won't even give ppl
    I know my current # bcuz
    I know sooner than later
    my cheap ass phone
    will die on me ugh.
    I'm gonna wait & buy a phone
    in late spring but an android that
    came out late 2018 instead
    that way I can save money.
    How's ya phone working?
    - I just saw Incredibles 2,
    I really liked it, it made me
    lol a ton of times & I
    prefer it's sequel compared
    to its 1st film, which was
    lackluster imo.
    I now wanna see:
    The Equalizer 2 starring
    actor: Denzel Washington.
    I still need to see:
    Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2
    then see: Avengers Affinity War.
    I also wanna see the newest
    Transformers spin-off
    Fans are 50/50 on it,
    some hate the cartoonish
    design others love it.
    I feel like the previous
    robots by Michael Bay
    were designed to
    be rough & hardcore
    looking & not kiddy.
    But that's more realistic for
    automechanic machinery lol
    these fans are ridiculous.
    -Is it snowing wher U live?
    It's been raining here
    sporadically *rolls eyes*
    -Ever shopped at

  2. agent-Achika 2wk 0d ago
    -U, ya hubby & furbabies
    enjoy urselves?

  3. agent-Achika 2wk 5d ago
    -Did you & ya hubby exchange
    Xmas gifts yesterday?
    -What did U2 end up eating on Xmas?
    -Did Lily & her new companion
    get any doggy treats?
    -How was the weather
    on Xmas morning?

  4. agent-Achika 3wk 2d ago

    GM Somnus!
    -So I have great news, I
    passed my courses this semester.
    I received "A" in health
    & "B" in Bio-Psychology 7.
    -I will be taking one
    short course during the
    month long Winter session which is
    education development.
    Its mostly about teaching students
    about diff learning styles & how various
    instructors that we will encounter
    usually uses one of these methods.
    The point of this class is to know
    which style needs to be applied based
    on their teaching style & how we learn.
    It's a 1 unit course
    only 2X a week,
    so it's not that bad.
    -This coming Spring which hopefully
    will be my last semester ever on this
    damn campus, I'll be taking
    2 courses & a lab that's it.
    I ended up dropping Astro lab
    bcuz my score was too low
    to pass & I didn't wanna mess
    up my gpa so I got a "W" instead.
    I'll be taking a speech class,
    business math 17, & Astro lab again.
    So with the aid of tutors on campus
    & S.I. assistance in my classes
    I'm hoping I'll pass all my classes with ease.
    Its gonna be a ton of studying on my part.
    My jr campus is on par with university level
    courses the only difference is money lol
    So if U can pass their classes then
    anywhere U transfer to should be a breeze.
    I'll just be happy when I've transferred
    into a 4 year, then I can focus 1000%
    on my interpreter career.
    -that's 2 more years of having no life ugh.
    But at least its just 2 & NOT 3 like me,
    consider yourself lucky hehehehe.
    -Speaking of FAFSFA I'm
    filling them out right
    now as I type this gbp 2U.
    Mine are not due until next March
    but I wanna get them in early asap.
    -Too bad your hubby didn't listen to
    U & have a backup plan in place.
    -I still haven't seen
    Incredibles 2
    & I wanna see
    Spider-Man Spiderverse
    it looks interesting.
    -I don't need to lose weight
    however I will force myself
    to not get second helpings
    on Xmas day esp the deserts.
    -I'll be shopping on Xmas eve
    after all to buy some last minute gifts.
    -I currently have no phone bcuz
    the free one started messing up on me.
    So it's on to 2019 searching once again.
    -Plan on buying the dogs gifts?
    I'll send you a link showcasing
    a senior dog who gets to taste
    his first treat,it's the most adorbs thing eva.
    Link: ( )

  5. agent-Achika 7wk 5d ago
    -Did U enjoy it?
    -What did U & ya hubby
    cook for the celebration?

  6. agent-Achika 7wk 5d ago

    Gd afternoon Somnus!
    -Congrats on passing your recent exams.
    I just took an exam earlier this week,
    I'm sure I passed it.
    My next exam is next Tuesday
    & I have a ton of studying to do
    Ugh & homework the professor
    is giving us specifically after Turkey day ugh.
    I ended up dropping my astronomy lab class
    & I plan on re-taking it next semester ugh.
    I can't wait for Spring to be over already lol.
    -Still finishing up my Cal state applications
    as I type this message.
    -Wow your program sounds stressful af,
    poor students being rejected sucks
    especially when it's something ya passionate about.
    Some professionals I've spoken to see it as weeding
    out the weak & accepting only the best potentials.
    I think that's unfair bcuz ya can't judge someone
    who isn't a good test taker &
    assume they will fail in these fields.
    Luckily like I said before U don't need a B.A degree
    in interpreting in order to become an interpreter, however
    ya still need to be fluent in ASL in order to make it.
    That's why I plan on working with a seasoned
    interp mentor who can guide me in the right direction
    & also challenge me to grind my hini off hahahaha.
    I will also be volunteering like a crazy person & going
    to more social events to work on my fluidity;
    that will take approximately 2 years while I attain my BA.
    By then I will be a boss signer & ready to apply to multiple
    M.A degree interpreter programs/internships.
    -Glad (FAFSFA) is working in ya favor.
    Are U using it to payoff the remaining portion
    if ur loan? Or using job money?
    Sorry I'm a lil confused on ur methods of finances.
    -Yes I'm looking forward to tons of food to eat tonight
    at Thanksgiving dinner & Xmas morning.
    -Happy Lily is sleeping peacefully compared to before.
    -Awww have ya & ur hubby seen Incredibles 2 yet?
    -Which network is ya phone on again?
    -I still need to finish my Xmas shopping.

  7. agent-Achika 8wk 3d ago

    Gd afternoon Somnus!
    -Yes I am finally at the transferring stage in
    my college career whew.
    I am applying to all 4 campuses
    online right at this very moment.
    3 campuses are in state & 1 is outta state.
    I'm def searching for local scholarships
    & applying for (FAFSFA) as well asap.
    (EOPS) = (Educational Provider Services)
    aids in providing discounts for college
    textbooks as well as provide in-house tutoring etc.
    I'm applying via that online application
    it's a long process ugh.
    I can't until its all over & I can rest.
    I also plan on applying to the 3 campus
    scholarship lists provided by each campus.
    + the outside scholarships that
    I know of, it's exhausting.
    I now need to finish my math transferable
    classes next year & be done.
    My goal is to be gone by
    Fall 2019 or Spring 2020.
    It will depend on which campuses
    I get into & the math classes available
    next semester ugh why me?
    Its more complicated than that though.
    I'm actually more worried about the programs
    that I'm auditioning for tbh.
    They're very hard to get into & competitive ugh.
    Everyone & their sister & sister's children
    wanna get into the top ASL ITP 's ugh.
    One of the campuses I wanna get into
    doesn't have a B.A program but
    the other 3 campuses def do.
    If I end up getting into the campus
    that doesn't have it then I'll need to
    transfer over once I get my B.A degree
    into another field.
    The one thing that's awesome
    about this field is ya don't need
    a degree in ASL interpreting to become
    an ASL interpreter let alone successful in it.
    But I do want to get into a B.A degree in it bcuz
    it will make the whole process easier for me,
    CSUN is crazy competitive & they
    only accept 20 out of over 100 student
    applicants a semester; ugh it's Soooooo hard .
    CSULB campus program is new & relatively unknown
    as far as competition goes.
    Then there is NCSU who offers an online
    program & an on campus program for both
    B.A & M.A degrees programs
    in ASL Interpreting yay.
    Of course I chose the online option lol.
    However if accepted I will be in classes with students
    from across the nation & all over the world.
    They work your a** off to make up
    for the fact ya not on campus.
    U must attend the campus every Summer though
    & are in class from 8am-4pm Mon-Sun.
    But its worth it in the long run,
    the cost for the Summer session is $1,200.
    Talk about in need of scholarships lol.
    I actually would prefer to do it online
    instead of in-person but I'll see.
    If I don't get in for their B.A then I'm
    going for their M.A degree program for sure.
    I'm excited & nervous ?.
    -Other than that I'm just taking exams
    in my current classes left & right.
    -For thanksgiving I plan on hangin
    with my cousins & eating.
    -I saw the film: Venom starring Tom Hardy,
    it was actually pretty cool & entertaining.
    It had some good comedic moments too lol.
    Venom the symbiote is a mess & is controlling.
    A sequel is well underway & will include
    Carnage the red symbiote.
    I'm looking forward to reading the
    Venom comics now to learn the back story.
    -I am waiting for Xmas to happen
    so I can eat some Xmas desserts lol.
    I'm already doin Xmas shopping early for ppl.
    -At this point I'm waiting on 2019
    to get a new phone, buying cheaper
    devices won't be doing myself any favors.
    -Ready for Xmas?
    -Hows Lily?
    -Is ya phone working right?
    -Passed ya recent exams?

  8. agent-Achika 10wk 3d ago

    Gd Evening Somnus!
    -Thanks, yes I ended up passing
    both exams in Bio-Psych & Health with
    80s out of 100 points.
    Congrats on passing your exam.
    I bet it was very stressful.
    I have gone back & made mistakes
    on exams in the past too.
    Ur def NOT alone lol,
    it helps to breathe & eat candy
    before a hard exam hehehe.
    Trust ya gut instinct when
    it comes to ya first answer per question.
    Hmmm can the struggling students
    earn any extra credit points?
    -I do have one more semester
    & a Summer session left before
    I can transfer to a 4 yr campus.
    I'm hoping I'll get accepted after applying.
    I begin applying next week to schools.
    I'm excited & nervous ?
    -Oh I see, did U watch the vid
    I sent you in a PM?
    It talks about phone plans.
    -Awww poor Lily, she's
    losing her hearing now.
    Does she sleep in the bed w/U at night?
    -I'm 50/50 on Sabrina Dark Witch series,
    I was never crazy about the comedy show
    or cartoon tv series, it was just okay.
    I know this one is very gloomy
    & demonic fm what I've read online.
    -Getting ready for Turkey Day this November?

  9. agent-Achika 11wk 1d ago

    Here is a medicine U might
    check out for Lily.
    Ya can reply to this along w/my
    previous gbp.

  10. agent-Achika 12wk 5d ago

    GM Somnus!
    -Wow I hope you pass all 7 exams next week.
    I passed my Bio-Psych exam last week &
    I just took a health exam yesterday, won't know
    my results until next week ugh.
    I believe I passed it though, bcuz I studied,
    so the exam wasn't too hard.
    -Ur program seems very strict on scores.
    Know anyone whose been kicked out
    for having below 79% ?
    Congrats on getting a smaller scholarship.
    What is an in-service?
    -Yeah hopefully The Exorcist will get a season 3.
    I have NEVER been a fan of AHS ugh, it's
    never done anything for me in terms of entertainment.
    Are U gonna see the new:
    Chilling adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch?
    It's a dark take that follows the dark comic book series
    Some fans are excited others are mad lol.
    -Well you need to get certified separately
    in the medical avenue for ASL interpreting
    if you strictly wanna do medical interpreting,
    but there are a ton of ethics & liabilities involved.
    Talk about being stressed the f*** out lol.
    overall U can either work for
    urself which is called (freelance) interpreting
    or work for an interpreter agency & they send U to jobs
    & tell U how much ya gonna get paid.
    (Freelance) interps can charge however much
    they want for their services & have more
    choices for jobs that become available,
    the only downside is pay isn't consistent like
    a regular income due to it changing monthly.
    Or U can do private interpreting where U
    follow or meet with a Deaf client & solely
    work for them & they pay U accordingly based
    on ya certifications, degrees & yrs of experience.
    So it all honestly depends on what U want in this field.
    Yeah maybe the hospital doesn't wanna pay an agency the full amount.
    I want my certifications in:
    theatre & law interpreting mainly
    & my national certification as an interpreter, that's it
    no medical interpreting for me.
    It's an official PASS lol.
    -Lol ooooh I see, is ur new phone
    better than the last JGalaxy?
    I read that SSG is discontinuing the JGalaxy series.
    I am def waiting until next year to get the phone I want.
    Waiting 3 months afterwards is a
    better financial decision on my part.
    The new IPhone & SSG 10 is coming out in 2019
    but I don't want those phones ugh.
    -Oh no poor Lily, I hope she feels better.
    I read once how a guy adopted 3
    cancer ridden dogs from the shelter
    & saved them by feeding them a healthy
    organic diet & making them eat a weird
    powder which helped shrink their tumors.
    The vet was amazed.
    I'll search for & send ya the link in a priv msg.
    I am sorry for the horrible news regarding Lily.
    How is the puppy holding up?

  11. agent-Achika 14wk 4d ago

    I just sent you a msg.

  12. agent-Achika 14wk 4d ago

    GM Somnus!
    -Glad to see your still alive lol.
    Yeah I figured you had either began
    classes or was working overtime.
    Wow so how are your exams going?
    -I am applying to cal states this
    month from Oct to Nov.
    Wish me luck,
    I'm attending a register workshop
    that assists U applying to colleges
    & then another that aids in showing
    how to apply for scholarships.
    -Welp I'll see Black Panther during
    the Turkey Day break then I'll
    see Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2.
    I saw Hereditary, it was full of sh**.
    It was so over hyped & such a drag.
    I was utterly disappointed ugh.
    It did have some heavy topics and disturbing
    reveals about certain characters but nothing
    compared to the uncut Exorcist from the 70s.
    I wish critics would STOP comparing every
    horror film to it, imo nothing else
    since the original has the affect
    on the masses since its debut.
    The Exorcist tv show might have
    a 3rd season & go directly to Netflix, Hulu, or Syfy.
    Fans are petitioning to save it & they almost
    have a total of 10,000 signatures.
    It's a spin-off with diff storylines,
    I actually find it entertaining.
    -When it comes to films
    I still need to see: (Christopher Robin),
    it simply looks adorable & funny
    + I wanna see the thriller: (The Nun).
    I do wanna see the action suspenseful
    (Venom) film but probably will wait.
    I need to see a film for one of my classes alone
    & this will definitely be it lol.
    I also wanna see the new (Halloween) film
    starring Jamie Lee Curtis, it looks good.
    -Hmmm I can't believe there is
    only a limited amount of ASL
    Interps available in ya area.
    Washington DC is where
    Galludet University is located.
    Its the only Uni in the world where Deaf
    students have a campus tailored to them
    where all staff on campus is Deaf & uses ASL.
    They also have an undergrad program for
    hearing ASL interpreting students.
    I've heard of them sending alumni
    to various settings for work,
    it just seems weird that your short on supply.
    But possibly the hospital may NOT wanna
    pay a certified interpreter the full amount
    due to certified interps being far from cheap.
    -Lol Sprint is horrifying fm what my bestie told me
    he oddly enough is with Verizon Wireless now.
    I don't like T-Mobile bcuz their signals are unbearable
    & Sprint well U already know.
    I plan on getting on w/At&t however
    I plan on using a prepaid carrier
    that At&t now owns & shares its polls with.
    That will def save me thousands of $ a year
    I'll send you a priv vid link on prepaid carriers
    that work under major carriers.
    It might help you make a good decision
    in the future for ya service w/Ur hubby.
    U can respond to it in ya future gbp
    be sure to view the whole video first hahaha.
    Wow congrats on the amazing upgrade my friend.
    How is the SSG S9?
    is it pretty? lol.
    Are U gonna trade it in for
    sumthin smaller & lighter?
    I plan to wait & get a new
    unlocked droid next 2019.
    Gonna wait & buy it 3 months after its initial release,
    by then I'll be able to save over $500.
    The droid I wanted has too
    many issues with wifi connection
    & privacy probs ugh.
    -How do U prepare ya skin
    for Fall freezing weather?
    I ask bcuz I know where U live
    ya experience real seasons.
    Is it snowing yet?
    I plan on purchasing some
    thick body butters for my
    extremely dry skin.
    I also am gonna invest in
    gud face moisturizer & serum
    as well as face wash & exfoliation
    that all cater to dryess & sensitivity.
    My face has horrible dry rashes due to
    lack of moisture ugh.
    -How is Lily & the puppy?
    Looking forward to Halloween?

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