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  1. agent-Achika 7wk 2d ago

    Gd Evening Somnus!
    -I got a "C" grade on my recent exam.
    Now I just have one more quiz & big exam
    left then I'm done. I also have my history final to prep for.
    -Yes 500 is way smaller than an average
    1,000-2,000 sq foot house here in America.
    They do look like kid playhouses in comparison.
    However the homes you've probably seen this far,
    were probably 100-300 sq feet.
    Those don't fit zoning regulations in certain city neighborhoods.
    I recently saw a documentary on tiny houses.
    It was called: "Living Tiny Legally" , online for free.
    The Doc film was interesting to see.
    Most of the tiny houses in It were waaaay too
    small for my taste lol.
    I have claustrophobia, so those homes
    def wouldn't work for me ugh.
    I think the size i want is a nice size
    for 1 person or maybe even 2.
    I also want to take it on road trips
    w/me during Winter seasons internationally.
    I chose Winter bcuz it's less crowded travel wise.
    Once I get my career off the ground of course
    then I can start to save money to have my tiny
    home professionally made by a company.
    I'll plan on going w/a group of ppl I know; not just myself;
    I'll also like being self sufficient w/my independence.
    I still will get on planes & cruises for vacation though.
    Plus I luv the fact that I'll be able to save a ton of money
    & use it to go on fun adventurous trips with friends etc.
    I'm actually starting to see more tiny house communities
    pop up all across the USA.
    The tiny house communities I see
    pay high rent but that rent goes towards a larger
    house up front to pay mortgage & bills, so technically
    taxes are still being paid which makes it legit.
    The rent cost depends on where U live.
    Same like normal housing, U get what ya pay for.
    A zoning code law was indeed passed to allow
    tiny house living but it does have strict rules
    to follow per state bcuz each state demands a different thing.
    According to tiny house dwellers, it's def progress.
    NYC apts are ridiculously expensive & the locations I
    saw online were well under 300 square feet in size ugh.
    These apts & studios in Manhattan cost a whopping
    $5,000-6,000 dollars +up, I was like eeeewwww.
    I don't understand why someone wud want to pay
    a mortgage payment for a shitty size apt.
    Can U explain it to me?
    Owning 2 houses is nice but that's a hella of a
    ton of money one must pay monthly.
    It's not worth it imo. I just saw a 86 square ft apt charging
    $800 a month for a whole in the wall in NYC yuck.
    -Hows the Cost of living where U Live?
    - I recently saw a film called: (A Dog's Purpose).
    It was a cute film abt a dog coming back to life
    in the form of different dog breeds while living
    with other owners in various parts of the US.
    The next film I saw online for free lol, was
    called: (American Assassin), starring
    tv series:Teen Wolf & Maze Runner franchise lead
    actor Dylan O'Brien. The film was drier than a sandbox.
    It was nuthin brag worthy. It did horrible in theaters.
    Only bringing in $14 million domestically.
    That's horrible by industry standards.
    Studios need to realise, a popular
    face doesn't mean a box office star of hit.
    I'm glad I didn't waste my money on it.
    I would've been extra mad.
    The only film I wanna see now is: (The Shape of Water)
    which I plan to see next month & (Paddington 2)
    next year in 2018.
    -How's the weather where U live?
    -How was ya thanksgiving dinner w/ur hubby?
    -why did ya get married so soon, unless
    too private to share.

  2. agent-Achika 13wk 3d ago

    Gd Evening Somnus!
    -I've been crazy busy with my classes
    so I haven't had time to check my msgs.
    Last week I had taken my quiz
    & received my results this week.
    I got a "C" grade on it.
    Next week will be the big exam.
    It's worth 100 pts.
    -Geez you might as well call
    what you want in regards to
    a home a mini mansion lmao.
    I say that due to Earthships
    being gigantic.
    Plus it's a ton of work
    for ppl to build fm scratch.
    Those things can be stationed
    anywhere in the world.
    Not just the desert.
    I want my home on wheels to be close
    to but not exactly 500 sq ft.
    540 square ft would be a dream.
    I plan on living solo w/a big dog eventually.
    Esp after my mom isn't alive anymore.
    Which will be very sad &
    hard at first; for me to adapt to.
    Hopefully I'll be working in my field
    by then, so I can make that happen
    in a timely manner.
    Even if I'm in a relationship w/a guy
    I'm NOT moving in w/him immediately.
    Maybe after 2 yrs of dating.
    Plus I won't want to give up
    my lovely lil home either.
    It's a good emergency home imho.
    Natural disasters anyone?
    Plus big house means increased mortgage.
    Ugh I'll pass no thanks.
    -I saw 47 Meters Below recently.
    It was awesome & disturbing.
    I still wanna see:
    Spider-Man Homecoming
    & IT, hoping to soon.
    -Awww Lily she seems like
    a doll hehehehehe.
    -Seen the series:
    Terror of Resonance
    & Ergo Proxy?
    I just got back into reading
    manga series again.
    These series are more Seinen genre,
    with a mix of: psychological, drama,
    & some comedy.
    What about U?
    -Bought a space heater yet?

  3. agent-Achika 17wk 1d ago


  4. agent-Achika 17wk 1d ago

    GD evening Somnus!
    -Sorry for the late reply,
    I've been swamped w/hw
    & don't have much time
    to check my msgs like
    I did this past Summer.
    -Glad Lily had normal results,
    but it does suck you
    can't pinpoint the issue.
    -Awwe your so lucky,
    that you didn't have to
    take your G.E classes again.
    Ugh I hate it, but alas
    it must be done if
    I want to be gone by next Fall.
    I'm gonna see if I can take
    2 classes this Winter if possible.
    Then next Spring can
    be my last semester.
    Wish me luck & keep me in ur prayers.
    -Ive got a ton of exams + quizzes, &
    a ton of reading to boot.
    Ugh the life of a college student.
    It's a jr. College but they treat us as
    if we're in a University already.
    I love learning though, so I'm NOT
    that bothered just annoyed.
    And to think after I transfer;
    I'll have 3 more yrs of this shi-take mushroom.
    Luckily it will be things I'm passionate about,
    so it'll go by much faster & smoother.
    -I have an exam this coming Wednesday too.
    It's worth 100 pts ugh.
    I've been studying but it's a lot
    to remember in a short amount of time.
    -I just saw the film: Annabelle: Creation.
    It was entertaining & weird.
    The ending was sad though.
    Now I wanna see:
    Spiderman Homecoming
    , Kingsmen 2:The Golden Circle,
    47 Meters Down Below & IT.
    Yeah the new IT looks more daunting.
    47 Meters Down looks awesome,
    it seems very thrilling.
    I'll send you a PM of the trailers for
    the other 2 films I mentioned.
    -Its still humid here but we might
    start getting rain soon I hope.
    -I don't want a houseboat anymore.
    It's too costly w/maintenance
    & I don't want to be bothered.
    A smaller home will be just fine.
    Ever heard of Earthship houses?

  5. agent-Achika 18wk 5d ago

    Gd afternoon Somnus!
    -Awww what did the doctor say about Lily's liver & teeth?
    -Wow your the Queen of college classes lol.
    My dad is complaining about me taking 6 years in a Jr. college.
    But I needed a break & starting over G.E requirements wise.
    Luckily I'm almost done with my requirements & should be done by next
    Spring if everything goes according to plan. So here is to hoping.
    -Online courses are a good option esp if you don't have time
    to physically drive out to campus or can't move to another state.
    -Awww that mix breed dog seems adorable lol.
    How old is she again?
    -I never watched Game of Thrones,
    so I'm not missing anything lol.
    I already know how it ends because someone
    on facebook announced the ending afterwards ugh.
    Now I don't even want to watch the beginning from Season 1
    but maybe I will later on in a year or 2.
    -Yeah I know Spider-Man: Homecoming is a good film.
    It looks exciting & funny from previews.
    I was NEVER afraid of clowns, so IT didn't do anything to me.
    However I know several people who are deathly scared of clowns.
    I just stare at them & go "okay?" lol I know I'm mean
    but I don't get where the fear comes from.
    The life of a non-clown phobia person lmbo.
    -Hows the house building now?
    -Do you know how I can make photos from
    a picture site show up?
    The pics never show up & its annoying.
    If you could help me, I'd love ya a bunch.
    I'll send you a PM with the actual website.
    So be on the look out.

  6. agent-Achika 19wk 5d ago

    Gd afternoon Somnus1
    -Well thanks for your concern on my detoxing.
    I'm still looking at other methods as we speak.
    I looked up Dr. Jennifer Daniels, a very interesting case indeed.
    I'm def looking at using herbs though.
    -Can't wait to see Spiderman:Homecoming & Annabelle Creation.
    -Awww I hope Lily's liver improves.
    Its horrible when dog's have physical health issues
    bcuz they have no idea whats going on.
    -Glad you passed your exam final yay.
    I just began school this very week.
    I already have 2 quizzes coming up & a ton of homework.
    I am also looking at several other out of state colleges that
    offer B.A degrees in my chosen field.
    That means its time for scholarship hunting.
    -The movie IT looks entertaining but def NOT scary lol.
    I guess its bcuz I don't have clown phobia.
    The Independent film: "XX" looks really good.
    I still need to finish it.
    -What breed of dog does your hubby have?
    -Its super humid here ugh, I need rain in my life.
    -I want a small home, but my version of tiny people
    might call a little big. 442 sq feet sounds nice.
    Whats your ideal size for a home?
    -Why would you not see ya hubby if he gets deployed home?

  7. agent-Achika 22wk 3d ago

    Gd evening Somnus!
    -Well the turpentine I plan on
    ingesting isn't a house cleaning product.
    I'll link a pic of it below for you.
    After you view then I want to
    hear your opinion again.
    I def plan on doing the $250
    5 day detox plan afterwards.
    -I am happy that Lily is feeling
    better by being doped up on drugs.
    I know that's a harsh way to say it
    but I am very blunt. I even know
    Ppl who put their dogs on meds
    for being hyper & won't calm down.
    It's just like adults who put their
    kids on drugs for behavioural problems.
    -I hope you pass your final exam next week.
    It def will define ya future that's for sure.
    Would you rather work? Or go to school?
    -Glad ya hubby might be deployed soon.
    That way you & him can be together
    for a longer periods of time.
    -I recently read that many ppl are
    downsizing house wise due to mortgage
    cost & sky rocketing debt.
    I know ppl are getting: tiny homes on
    wheels, living in RV's, converting vans into homes,
    & even moving into sailboats.
    I wouldn't mind getting a Dome rammed earth
    mobile home but I want mine made fm scratch.
    -Wow you bought a photo & figurine of WW?
    How much money did you spend?
    -Weather is nice where I am.
    It's super humid every day.
    I can't wait for the rain to come.
    I love rainy weather lol.
    -As far as my diet is concerned,
    I'm gonna try a few raw food resteraunts
    to see how I like them.
    -how's ya new HP doin?
    -Gone anywhere travel wise?
    -How was: Spiderman Homecoming?
    I still wanna see it & Annabelle Creation.
    Their is an IF called: "XX" that I rly wanna see.
    I'll mostly watch it online.
    -Here is the link I mentioned earlier:
    ( )

    -XX trailer: ( )

  8. agent-Achika 23wk 1d ago

    Gd evening Somnus!
    -Well the CEO of the agency's internship
    I applied to never replied back to me.
    I recently sent her an email asking her
    to update me on my status.
    So only time will tell ugh.
    I luckily however was referred to
    another interpreting agency who
    does mentorships,
    so now I plan to meet with the owner of that
    agency in an one-on-one
    interview during lunch.
    She is going to assess my skill set
    by talking to me in pure ASL all
    the while have a Deaf person there
    to evaluate me as well.
    Whew talk about laying
    on the pressure lol.
    -How is Lily's behavior these days?
    -What are your plans for Fall season?
    My classes begin next month ugh.
    Needless to say I'm valuing these
    last few weeks of my freedom LMAO.
    -I'm much closer to detoxing my body now.
    Its only a matter of days.
    I plan to do 2 different routines.
    One is thru an edible liquid called:
    Turpentine, which is going to
    clean out the parasites.
    The other is with a 5-15 day
    program with raw food juices.
    The first cost a measly $30,
    the second plan cost a whopping $250.
    The $250/is only for 5 days,
    $750 is for 10-15 days &
    $1100 is for 3 weeks ugh.
    I chose the cheapest plan.
    I haven't gone to the juice bar yet
    & won't go until I can save up
    enough money to do the 5 day detox plan.
    So for now its gonna start with
    a Turpentine cleanse.
    Its gonna clean my organs of
    gross parasites that have been inside
    me for far too long.
    Needless to say the bathroom is
    going to be my new best friend
    for a while *grins*.
    -How's the house ya working on?
    -Sorry I have taken so long
    to reply, for some reason I
    assumed I sent you a GPB
    in advance & was waiting
    for U to respond.
    I'm all turned around *sighs*.
    -Well once Fall begins I'll
    only be checking MT 1-2X a month.
    Most of my attention will be
    towards my studies.
    But that doesn't mean I won't
    make time for friends online.
    -Seen or plan on seeing any new films?
    -How is ya hubby?
    -How's the weather in Washington?
    ( )

  9. ndox900 25wk 4d ago
    thank you :]

  10. agent-Achika 30wk 0d ago

    My finals ended & I passed
    both of classes for Spring semester.
    -Awww poor lily lol.
    Which breed pup did you get?
    Is it a Tamaskan breed?
    -I'll def look for that clip of
    Caesar 911, now that the semester has ended.
    -Seen any new films lately?
    -How's work going?
    -I applied for an internship but
    I won't know if I get in
    until either next month or August.
    I hate waiting for sumthin important.
    -However I am volunteering
    more at Deaf events these days.
    I love it & all the interaction
    I'm getting with Deaf ppl.
    -Do you plan to apply to any
    internships or vaca schools
    pertaining to your field?
    I'm not sure if I asked you
    this already since its
    been so long since we last spoke.
    -How's the weather in Washington?
    -How is your family doing?
    I ask bcuz you never
    mention them anymore.

  11. agent-Achika 38wk 1d ago

    Gd Aftn Somnus!
    -Eeewww I would hate cleaning up
    after foreigners daily.
    Esp if they are douche bags.
    -Awww poor Lily.
    I want to give her a big hug.
    I saw an episode of "Ceasar 911"
    on AnimalPlanet yesterday.
    A young guy who adopted his late
    aunt's 12 yr old mixed breed dog,
    was having anxiety issues just like Lily.
    His dog too got anxious whenever
    he left the room or car.
    I forget to mention, he drove the dog everywhere
    with him on a daily basis.
    He didn't want her to die fron PTSD lol,
    so he called Ceasar for help.
    Ceasar taught him techniques to
    calm her down & make her be more
    patient whenever he left her sight.
    If I find the clip, I'll send it your way.
    Lily may also need playmate
    to help keep her distracted.
    Sometimes an older dog gets
    lonely & needs a young pup
    to keep them feeling youthful again :)
    -I agree, there is no need to waste
    $ when you don't need to do so.
    I however am in dire need of a
    new high quality tablet & def
    a new phone bcuz I'm missing important
    news in regards to my future career.
    For ex, festivals, plays, coffee nights,
    Pizza nights etc ugh.
    Those events involve Deaf ppl, &
    I need all the interaction as I can get.
    But if I keep missing announcements
    then I can't attend anything nor
    can I fraternize w/anyone Deaf.
    I'm def lookin on Groupon as we speak.
    -Heard of the (Operation Gotham Shield)
    happening in NYC & NJ?
    I'll send you a link to the
    short 3 min video.
    Even if you dont agree with all
    the commentary that is mentioned
    in the video, it does give you
    a lot to think about regarding
    this country's methods & politics.

  12. agent-Achika 38wk 3d ago

    Gd Aftn Somnus!
    -Yeah I've heard too many damn
    horror stories regarding tourists
    in Mexico that makes me NOT
    want to visit there unless its
    absolutely mandatory for my job.
    -How are you paying for
    a Verizon phone if your
    out of a job?
    -What is Lily gonna do
    once you begin the progam
    that your trying to get into?
    -Glad everything worked out
    for Ur 2-in-1 HP Spectre.
    If a newer version were to
    come out would you buy it?
    I'm currently searching for
    a new tablet since my current
    tablet died ugh. My mom
    wanted to be cheap & bought
    us tablets from QVC "rolls eyes".
    Now I'm gonna look on
    the website
    for a high quality off brand tablet.
    Any suggestions?
    -Do you plan on buying
    any new younger dogs
    in the future?

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